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    Are there paslatten voorzien?

    Finishing laths are provided to finish the cabinets at the side of the wall. These are installed during the final step of the assembly. Left and right are finishing laths of +/- 5 cm. At the top +/- 3 cm and a plinth is placed in front of the base to guarantee the finish.

    How high is the base?

    The base is placed at a height of 8 cm. If the skirting boards against the wall do get higher, please state this in "comment". We then provide a higher base.

    The order

    How should I measure?

    You can use just about all measuring instruments. A simple way to correctly measure is by using a laser distance meter. To get started in our configuration module you need the depth, height and width of your available space. Measure each dimension at 3 different points and use the smallest measured value in cm. This way, the parts will always fit in the measured space. Tip: watch out for any obstacles when measuring. (eg window sills, lighting fixtures, radiators, etc.) You can always state this when ordering in the "comment" field so that together we can find the best solution. Before we get started you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us. This way you are always sure that your order is correct.

    Is there a showroom to come and view the cabinets?

    We do not have a showroom but prefer to bring the showroom to your home by sending free color samples.

    The delivery

    What is the delivery period?

    We deliver the cabinets within a short period of 5 working days.

    The installation

    Are the shelves adjustable in height?

    All side walls of the cabinets are equipped with a hole pattern. This allows the shelves to be adjusted in height.

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